Banana Bread Extravaganza

Any time a banana starts to turn, you know that point where you’re like, “I don’t really think I should eat this, its a bit mushy and the peal is all black spotty”, I toss them in the freezer. If I’m not careful the whole bottom part of my freezer ends up being frozen black bananas. And then I either have no place in the freezer to put important things like Starbucks Coffee ice cream or this happens…

Banana Bread from Diliberto Photo & Design

 We end up with 4 dozen muffins and two loaves of Banana Bread.

On this day, Bill rejoices.

Our family rejoices.

His coworkers rejoice.

Because everyone gets Banana Bread.


Banana Bread from Diliberto Photo and Design

Bill gets very protective of “his” portion of Banana Bread so I’ve learned to clearly mark the bags. For the moment all of the muffins have headed to the freezer in preparation for their journey to my friends who live outside of Houston.

I’d share the recipe but I’m still perfecting it. At the moment its low fat and whole wheat, but I’m still playing with the ratios and moistness. As soon as I get it together I’ll post the recipe, I promise.

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