World’s Largest Sprinkler in Houston

Today I went with a good friend and her kids/niece/kid’s friend to the World’s Largest Sprinkler at Discovery Green in Houston, TX. This was all sponsored by Target and the marketer/advertising person in my gets really jealous when big brands do really crazy cool promotional stunts in other cities like New York, Chicago, London etc. I’m all like, Houston is the fourth largest city (though I’ve heard rumor that we’ve jumped up to number three recently), we’re important too!

So when I heard Target was sponsoring the World’s Largest Sprinkler in my own Houston, Tx I got really excited and wasn’t going to miss it, so I didn’t.

They gave away these little compressed towels, which we tried to uncompress with an ice cube, but it didn’t really work.

I love Discovery Green, years ago, I graduated in that gray, blue, and red building and this great park was nothing more than a parking lot, but today, today it was a giant sprinkler playground and it was grand.

Even when there isn’t a giant sprinkler theres still a lot to do at Discovery Green, like kayaking…seriously, you can kayak among the skyscrapers.

Or in front of the Astros ball park…I need to go to there more, and if you’re in Houston, you should too.

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