Keels & Wheels Show in Seabrook, TX

My dad has been a judge at the Keels & Wheels show since I was in high school. Its become an annual family event (which scored me major points with my husband when we were dating). Here are a few shots from this year’s event.

I may have drooled a little over this one. Meet my dream car.

Or this one. :)

I’m a huge fan of the random assortment of hood ornaments. This is one of the most original I’ve seen in a while.

And then theres the keels!

Bill drooled a little too…

And these make me smile.

So hecka cool, submarine!

And the Houston Electric Car Club was there too. It was pretty sweet! They’re taking some classic cars and taking them all electric. There’s also plans for electric charging stations all over the city. MMM green! (I think Bill was mostly confused at first.)

Lets all go to the beach. Like pronto!

And thats the Keels & Wheels show, until next year!

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