Funny Girl

Why oh why has it taken me this long to watch the movie Funny Girl? I had been missing so much! The music, the comedy, the drama…loved it. The whole thing reminded me SO much of my dear great grandmother and I couldn’t figure out why until I did a little research. Fanny Brice was a real woman (maybe this is common knowledge and I’m just well behind the times), born in 1891.

Well, my great grandmother was born in 1909, not too long after Ms. Brice (thats her on the left). I have all these wonderful old photos of my great grandmother, and they kept flashing though my mind as I watched Funny Girl. Grandma Rosie was quite the funny girl, and I loved her dearly. She passed away last year at 101 years old, and I am so blessed to have known her for as long as I did. She loved to laugh, play poker (and usually beat me), be at the beach, and just enjoy life. She was also a seamstress and I’m told she designed wedding dresses for department stores. I think that is why I have this deep desire to sew, I suppose its in my blood.

I’ve been pondering a new project, I want to try to recreate the dresses and some of the outfits she has on in the photos I have of her. I know she sewed a lot of her own clothes, as well as my grandmother’s and uncle’s when they were children.

So there it is. Now that its out there for all of cyberspace to see I really feel the push to begin. Can’t wait to share!

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