A Lone Trip to Ikea

Last weekend, when Bill went to Mom and Mike’s to help with construction stuff, and Sam and I went along for the ride, I snuck away for a couple of hours for a lone trip to Ikea. Afterwards I was telling a friend about my lone trip and she was like, “you went by yourself, thats no fun!” And I was like, oh no, it was tons of fun. I love going there by myself, early, before the crowds. Its peaceful, it gets my creativity flowing and it inspires me for craft projects and new decorating ideas.

Like this poster for instance…something like this would be SO easy to create in photoshop and print on photographic paper. It inspires me to create font art.

(Sorry about the coloring of the photos, I was kind of shooting in stealth mode.) I also LOVE the back splash on this kitchen, and the flooring. Makes me smile. Oh and can I please take that fridge home with me? I bet IT won’t freeze my lettuce and cantaloupe when they roll to the back of the fridge.

Ikea warehouse from the showroom floor.

I’m thinking about one of these above the toilet in our guest bathroom, not decided yet.

INSPIRATION!! Can you feel it?

I want these pots too (but the price seems SO not ikea $30? Really?)

Our Ikea has also recently expanded their food selection, meats, cheeses, lots more frozen stuff. MMMM. Then I saw this, gooseberry preserves. I used to pick gooseberries at my grandfather’s house when I was little. On the next trip I’m buying some of this stuff for sure (I felt the need for more lingonberry).

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