July 4th Is Just Around The Corner!

Introducing July 4th Party Printables from Diliberto Photo & Design! Hurrah!! July 4th is just around the corner, its become a much bigger holiday in my household since my husband and I got married. He’s from Philadelphia and they do it BIG in Philly. One day we’ll spend the 4th of July in Philadelphia but for the time being I think we’ll do it BIG with a party at home.

These are delicious vanilla cupcakes from Stacy’s For the Love of Cake. If you wanted to extend your red white and blue theme and add a little summer flare you could add a few raspberries and blueberries to each cupcake before baking. Make sure to coat them with flour before you add them to the batter to help keep them from floating to the bottom.

I used candy sticks for the cup dsfcake toppers (found them at Michael’s Crafts) and the ribbon was from Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby has a special place in my heart. They also always have their holiday stuff in months before the holiday rolls around, this also means that a few weeks before the holiday most of their stuff is on sale. It’s wonderful.

I got this bucket on sale at Hobby Lobby as well. Several of these in different sizes would be great to serve snacks or used in a red, white and blue candy bar. A simple blue and white polka dot ribbon dresses the bucket up for the occasion. I used a 1/2 foam ball covered in a fourth of july themed scrapbook paper to stick all the wonderful cake pops in. Some pops are tied with just red, white and blue ribbon others have the printables on them. I did two hole punches (with a standard size hole punch) in each printable and slid them on.

Everything ties in together with some red check fabric and some more themed scrapbook paper used as a placemat. You’d be surprised how far a yard of fabric goes and at $2.40 a yard (with a 40% off coupon) and its much cheeper than a standard table cloth and the patterns are basically endless.

And thats the Fourth of July collection! I’ve also created some Thank You printables. There are invitations to come as well (leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll put them at the top of my design to do list. :) Thanks for reading and Happy Fourth of July!!

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