Garden Birthday Party :: Printables

This was the most spur of the moment of all the new party printable designs. My friend Stacy from For The Love of Cake said, “I think I am going to try making some tulip cake pops.” And I said, “I think I can build a party theme around that.” Thats when I came up with my Garden Party Design, it ended up being one of my favorites and I think it would be perfect for a little girl’s birthday party. I can just see the decorations, all cute, trees filled with streamers and paper lanterns, little girls in party dresses, bright blue rock candy. It makes me smile.

I used a common flower pot, you could do SO much with these. They’d be great to serve things (though I think it would be best to line them or put a container inside them). We filled this one with beans and used a rolled piece of fondant to add a little color on the top, but you could do the same thing as we did with the foam ball on the Fourth of July printables. Tie the pot off with some fun ribbon and there you have it!

I LOVE the double cup cake liners on these, I think they really make it pop! We used some more scrapbook paper as a place mat.

The bee was left over from the Bee Party Printables shoot, but I thought it fit. You could use a little bird here, or a butterfly. It just added a nice accent and some visual interest to the set up.

How does your garden grow? The cup cake toppers are made with the Garden Party Printables and candy sticks from Michael’s Crafts. I used a 2″ craft punch to cut them out, but any 2″ shape would look cute. And that my friends is the Garden Party! Let my printables and printable thank you’s be your guide, get creative and enjoy your garden party!!

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