Anniversary Weekend~Part Uno

Bill and I just had our second anniversary and since we never really went on a honey moon and we didn’t do much for our first anniversary (we had just purchased a house) we decided to do it big without braking the bank. Got a hotel downtown, took only public transportation (which I had never utilized in this city, more to come on that), planned awesome artistic and cultured outings, and truly adventured. Did I mention we never left Houston? Yeah. It was AWESOME!

Our anniversary gift to each other were a pair of Toms each, and a pair for two children. Toms were once on my Friday Flights list, but my awesome husband got a pair for me for Christmas and I dare say I’ve almost worn them out. Not only are they the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn but they give a pair to a kid in need for every pair you buy. Anywho, it was a great gift.

Now the public transport, Houston has a fairly limited rail system, however if you’re just traveling downtown and the surrounding areas its pretty great. To compensate for the lack of rails there is a very impressive bus system, which I knew little to nothing about before this trip. Well, I did know that if you’re driving you should pretty much avoid the busses at all costs. I was SO impressed with it all, busses and trains were all clean and it was insanely simple to navigate.

Husband pic! (and he says I never take pictures of him!!) We went to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (see the tiny orange sticker on his shirt). I know this museum like the back of my hand, I absolutely love it. They had an Impressionist exhibit (my favorite era of paintings) which we got discounted tickets on groupon for. It was wonderful.

Then it was Astros game time! Bill and I got to know each other while going to our college’s baseball games. We both just LOVE the game and everything that goes along with it, so it was only fitting that we go to a game over our anniversary weekend.

They’ve made some changes to the stadium since last year, the largest one…El Grande, the new scoreboard/monster HD TV. Its nuts.

Taco Bell sauce races. Love!

Seriously, look at his body, it looks broken! I am amazed. Ok so the next part of the game…There was this Padres fan sitting next to us and he started off just a tad toasted. He was a nice guy, chit chatted with us, pretty loud when it came to cheering, not in an annoying way, but in a funny way. So he killed about four more giant beers and ever so slowly drifted off into a deep comatose type drunken slumber. His friend (the guy laughing on the left side of the pic) was gone for a while at which point our entire section began to laugh hysterically and take pictures of him. As you can see here, several people posed with him. Quality entertainment (especially because the Astros were loosing).

Afterwards Bill offered to help the guy’s friend get drunk guy out of the stadium and to their car (I feel I must make note that the friend of the guy was very sober and fine to drive, had he not been I would have called them a cab). This was interesting, the drunk guy could not stand flat on his feet much less walk. Once outside the stadium the friend had to help stop a public urination episode. Then drunk guy, who remember can barely walk, gets mad that his friend won’t let him use the facilities outdoors shakes off the friend and Bill (who is stabilizing him from his back) and begins to run, full force mind you away from us in a perfect. straight. line. It was amazing. Then he stopped and danced around, clapping in the air for us. The friend thanked us profusely for helping him and they went on their way.

And that was day one of our anniversary weekend. :)

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  1. toemailer May 9, 2011 at 1:48 am #

    Nice shots!

  2. diliberto May 9, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    Thank you!!

  3. Ianthe July 12, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    lool. that is a great idea! 😀