Rodeo Houston 2011 : Sugarland

I started out telling you all about the Cook Off which kicks off the month long Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo. Be still my heart. Seriously, I’m a city girl grew up in the inners of Houston, I never rode a horse to school, nor have I ever worn chaps, but even still I am enamored with rodeo/western/ranch things, experience, etc. So when rodeo time starts I turn into a little girl giddy with excitement. When I was little my Uncle would take me to the rodeo and I’d get to pet all the animals, and wear red cowgirl boots, and eat turkey legs and pecan pie.

And sometime over the last few years the eating part of the rodeo has gotten bigger and bigger. You can now get just about everything on a stick.

And just about anything you could ever imagine fried. (Oh yeah, and jalapeno lemonade.)

Bring a pregnant woman to this place and this is what you get…pure. unadulterated. joy.

See, told ya.

So other than the food there is the rodeo part, almost equally as ridiculous.

See these sheep…yeah…it gets crazy (you’ll have to stay tuned to the next post to find out what happens).

Next you go into the GIANT auditorium (ie. the Reliant Center, where the Houston Texans play football, yeah there).

Live stock…er…giant pigs sitting in the seat behind you.

Oh yeah, and then after some craziness happens with some animals a fantastic artist like Sugarland comes out and entertains us some more. Seriously a great show! Have I said that I love the rodeo, because I do. (More Rodeo to come!)

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  1. Joanne Garcia March 19, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    Sugarland! Yeah!!