I Feel the Need to Get My Hands Dirty

I want to put my hands in the dirt. I want to feel cool soil under my finger tips. I want to grow things. Spring is officially here.

I’m still learning a lot about my house. April will be a year and this is my first spring here so its been fascinating to see what the trees do, one back yard tree currently has white flowers all over it. There are flower petals all over our back yard and there are always one or two catching a ride in to house on Sam’s back. I’m also finding all sorts of fun plants that are springing up here and there. I had forgotten that I planted irises in the front yard, and there they came, bursting out of the ground.

I’ve got the front yard somewhat under control. I’m sure I’ll still battle with that nasty vine weed thing again this summer. I will win this battle, I’m determined. But other than that, things are coming together. I’ve planted succulents (seedums and hen and chicks of different varieties) and they are doing quite well. I also have a passion vine that is quickly outgrowing it’s pot and needs a more permanent home. Three rose bushes that I got for Christmas also need a place to live (they are going in the back).

BUT I’m dying to plant veggies. I found tomato plants at HEB for $0.75! I bought 9 and a lone squash with no where to plant them. I have mental plans for raised flower beds in the back corner of our back yard. I’ve been trying to figure out the best thing to build them out of and after a failed attempt at picking up some used wood (and a very irritated husband) I’ve decided to buy materials. SO I’ve been searching and I found this on Southern Living

I’ve priced the materials and I’m pretty sure I could do both my 4×4′ beds for $60 or less (I have some wood in the garage that I will use for the trim).

Then I realized I have to buy dirt. Buy dirt. That sounds so wrong. I feel the same way about buying dirt that I feel about buying water…why? Why would I buy something that I could get for free? SO I did quite a bit of research on trash can compost bins and tomorrow I will officially be a composter and I will let my waste become dirt. This my friends, excites me! My trash is going to turn into something I was going to pay for!! Fantastic.

So two projects in my future…I will, of course, keep you all updated. :)

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