Imaging USA :: Favorite Booths & Vendors 1

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite vendors, new and old. What I love about these kinds of shows is you get to see face to face, people who you’ve been doing business with for years.

Meet :: drop it MODERN

I am in love with their backdrops, and I don’t really like back drops. They’ve never really been my style, I’m more of an on location photographer, but drop it MODERN has some fantastic backdrops. They are…well…modern. And they photograph beautifully. And it might be an investment I will make in the future.

And they passed out these really fantastic bags, which I will do something creative with eventually.

Meet :: BLU Domain

Right next door to drop it MODERN were the lovely folks over at BLU Domain. Many of my photographer friends use them for their websites. As I mentioned in a previous post lots of changes are coming to Diliberto Photo & Design, including a new website. We’re in the very beginning stages: finding what we like, what we don’t like, what we need, etc. and BLU Domain is definitely in the running if we end up going with a prebuilt site. They are awesome people, great customer service, and really cool designs. Check em out for sure!

Meet :: Lensbaby

I was introduced to Lensbaby at last year’s Imaging USA. They are hard to describe so I’d highly suggest checking out their website. Basically they are lenses that you add on to your current lens. Different lenses do different things like add fisheye, or play with depth of field and focal length.

There’s also all sorts of add ons that can make lights look starburst or you get to play with cool shaped apertures. Again, I’m totally not doing justice to the coolness of these lenses. So check em out on their site.

And thats it for round one of my favorite booths and vendors. Stay tuned for round two!

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  1. Elissa February 24, 2011 at 2:22 am #

    I’ve heard nothing but terrible stories from the people I know who use it… and terrible customer service. Don’t believe their lies.

    I’ve heard good things about cargocollective and showit, though. Don’t give bludomain your money.