ImagingUSA2011 :: New Product!

SO as most of you know my background is in advertising and pr as well as fine art. Basically I’m a hodge podge of creative experience and interests. So when a company does something really cool with say a trade show booth or say…the launch of a new product I have to high five them. So to Miller’s I give a high five, even though you are not my printing company your booth design, phone charging station and Luxe lounge made my design radars tingle.

So you pass a bouncer and go up a large escalator. To your left is this delightful all white desert table. When prices and quality of food in the convention makes you want to just burn money, some decent sugary snacks (free ones I might add) are a welcomed addition to the experience. Miller’s also had an extensive list of speakers showcasing in their Luxe Lounge.

There was also a wall with little sticky notes for photographers to share what inspires them. I loved this!

After all that sugary goodness a bathroom break was necessary. In the stall was the above. :)

So what was the big release from Miller’s? It was the talk of the show and also a big release for my printer of choice White House. Meet die cut cards! GASP! Cheer! Exclaim! To put it lightly, I’m pumped. Annnnnnndddddd (drum roll) meet Diliberto Photo & Design’s newest new product! Here are 5 samples of the 50 new shapes available. I want an excuse to use the one on the top left, its my favorite, I’m thinking wedding invitation maybe? So my friends, get thinking, lets do party invitations, shower invitations, new address cards, personal stationary, christmas cards, thank you cards…with a photo or without we can design something awesome and completely personalized! Can you tell I’m excited?

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