Imaging USA :: Favorite Booths & Vendors 2

Round two of my favorite booths and vendors from the show!

Meet :: Finao

I’m always intrigued by Finao’s booth, its usually a lounge style and samples of all their books are strewn about on coffee tables and couches. Their books are also always really cool, lots of textures and styles and covers.

P.S. I love this book. I wish I knew who the photographer was because the whole thing was fantastic!

Meet ::

I’ve been lusting after for months, and when I saw they were at the show I screamed with glee like a tiny little girl. My over excitement may have freaked out the employees working the booth. It was awesome to finally hold their products in my hand and their booth was pretty fantastic as well.

I try never to purchase anything at a show, even though all the vendors offer great deals, I avoid impulse purchases at all costs (or no costs…teehee). The only exception to the rule is if I know before hand that I was already planning on purchasing a product. So when I heard that their 100% recycled business cards were on sale I said and yes I shall have some.

And yup you guessed it, another change to Diliberto Photo & Design, new business cards, and made of 100% recycled paper too! I’m giddy with excitement!!

Meet :: White House Custom Color

Ok so I failed at this one, the one vendor I use the most, my beloved printer, I forgot to take pictures of their booth. But they did have one of the coolest contests. They give away T-shirts every year, and if you’re wearing one you have the chance to win a camera. Well, this year they stepped it up and they encouraged everyone to go crazy and be creative with their shirts. The most creative won an ipad! Nice. So I took my T-shirt and created a scarf.

With some hand stitched ruching, and some big yellow buttons, it was quite warm. Unfortunately I didn’t win the iPad, but I did win a free 8×8″ book! SCORE!

I’ve got one more new vendor to share with you, but that will have to wait until later. đŸ˜‰

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  1. Elissa February 24, 2011 at 2:21 am #

    A little google sleuthing – the wedding was shot by Angelica Glass, as Martha Stewart tells me.