You have not been abandoned

I however have the flu. This is the first time in the last four days where I have been able to sit upright long enough to type or even formulate cohesive thought. There will be no photos in the post, unless you’d like to see a very messy living room (where I’ve been living for the last few days), a pile of empty tissue boxes, or the endless bags of used tissues. Yes, its gross, I know.

The flu sucks. Period. What sucks more is not having anyone to take care of you. Bill did the best he could, but he has the flu too (yes, we share everything) so we’ve taken turns taking care of each other. He really is the best. In the mean time we’ve watched everything we could possibly find interesting on hulu and have resorted to signing up for a free month of netflix. At the beginning of all this I suggested watching Lost from the beginning but he really wasn’t that into it.

Anyways, lots to share from Imaging USA. Pictures, etc. But first I must get better.

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  1. Joanne January 31, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    omg. you have netflix now?

    please watch the following tv series: Friday Night Lights, Skins, Veronica Mars, the Office, Arrested Development, Heroes (again if you must), Prison Break, Dexter

    Comedies: you will pee your pants from laughing
    Brian Regan (both shows), Anjelah Johnson, Best of Jimmy Fallon SNL

    * * *

    please note that Skins is a British TV Show – which allows for excessive drinking, cursing, and the occasional sex and nudity. but the storyline and the story telling is amazing. i love it. i’ve watched it 2x through.

    Veronica Mars is really good too – but it was canceled early, so be ready for abrupt and inconclusive ending. but it’s good i tell you!

    I hear Prison Break and Dexter are both supposed to be good, but i haven’t seen them.