The Photography Chronicles ~ 10

I know you’re not supposed to lust…but seriously…Ethan Allen has captured my heart with this display. Bill and I visited Ethan Allen while we were waiting to close on our house back in March of 2010. I love Ethan Allen (sorry Martha, but they do compete for your place in my heart)…I do not however love their prices. SOOO I’ve been trying to capture this kind of look in my living room. Except with yellow and gray, black and white. I’ve purchased several great pieces, trash picked a few others, and was gifted still a few others. Our couch is the same style as the one in the picture, only cream, and so old that the style has come back around. I l-o-v-e that chair…and the lamp…and the zebra pillow. Sigh. One day my living room will be complete.

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