The Photography Chronicles ~ 8

Yes, I was an Apple Employee once, no I do not want to fix your mac. I will however talk to you about their products, how to do things, and why I love them. It was one of my most interesting jobs, not quite what I expected, but definitely interesting. I interacted with ALL kinds of people, some of them nice, some of them not so nice, some celebrities, and then there were those who wanted to kill me because their iPhone wasn’t working. Those folks, they scared me. Still what made it all worth it was that there was something really rewarding about playing with the new iPhone at 3am the night before the release, knowing that there were so many people who SO wanted to see it, knowing that people had been waiting outside in line since 7pm the night before just to be the first to touch it. But I was first, and that my friends, that is power. :) Really though, the best part about working there was that I met some really awesome people who became some of my closest friends, love you guys.

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