Thanksgiving and In-laws

This was our first Thanksgiving in our new house, the first time the inlaws came to visit, and the first time for Sam to have Thanksgiving with us. It was a fun time, but I was completely exhausted afterwards and had to take a day to rest.

James, my father-in-law helped peel apples for apple pie.














We made two apple pies, one with crumble crust and one with regular crust. The pie dough is my Grandmother’s recipe, and it turns out perfectly every time (maybe I’ll share it…hmm).

I like the pre-Thanksgiving meal appetizers almost as much as the meal. I am under the conviction that Thanksgiving dinner should be enjoyed at…dinner time…so 6pm is when we eat. But, through out the day we snack on deviled eggs…

Crab, Sundried Tomatoes, and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms…

And for breakfast we eat homemade chocolate Amish Friendship bread and my mom’s Banana Bread.

And we take pictures with the giant corn…this became a tradition during my first Thanksgiving after college. I bought the giant corn mostly because it was ridiculous and we all took pictures with it, so thats what we do every year.

And then, after the pre-meal, and the real meal…we all take naps…This is my husband Bill with his mom. I think this is precious. :)

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