Early Christmas Present

Since we got married, almost two years ago, we have not had a TV. It was a choice Bill and I made for two reasons. First we were moving and needed to get rid of a bunch of stuff so we sold our gigantic TV before the total switch to HD. Second, we wanted to make sure our first year of marriage was spent together, with no useless distractions. Usually people are shocked that we don’t have a TV. They stare at us blankly with an ere of true concern and ask…”well, what do you do?” We read, we play with our dog child, we laugh, we play board games, we talk. We still watch our favorite TV shows on hulu, and we watch movies on our computers, we just don’t sit there with the TV on and zone out for hours on end.

That all said, we are now a home with a TV, though we won’t be getting cable…and even with the TV the only things we’ve watched on it have been football games. We still watch our shows on hulu, and we still talk and read and play with the dog child. Really we just have a much larger screen to watch movies on, and I get to use it as a photo display during parties. And clearly Bill is very excited!

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