Buffalo, NY In A Flash

I left at 8:35 on a Sunday morning, spent an hour or so in Atlanta… jumped on another plane and arrived in Buffalo at 3:30pm and went straight to the wake. Day two was the funeral. Day three I flew back home. A flash, I feel, is a very good description of this experience.

There are few things I enjoy and appreciate more than spending time in Buffalo with my family over the holidays. I love them, enough said. And even though I complain and shiver because of the cold and snow, it really does make it feel more like Christmas. Sorry Houston, your 65 degree weather in December just doesn’t do it for me. Though the occasion for our togetherness was a sad one, we took advantage of being together and did some traditional holiday/Buffalo things.

Kellie and I baked sugar cookies, and it was way awesome.

Boots, Santas, reindeer, christmas trees…we baked them all!

And then we decorated…so the colored icing didn’t turn out quite right, and we had a random assortment of jimmies, sprinkles, M&Ms, and chocolate chips, but we made good use of everything.

And there was my favorite pizza of all time…

And a cat on the manger.

And that my friends is Buffalo, NY in a flash.

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