A Thousand Some-Odd Feet In The Air

I am writing this from my iPhone, in a plane some thousand plus feet in the air using free wifi. I never cease to be amazing by technology and the progression of American culture as a whole. I remember when there was a smoking section on an airplane. All that separated it from the non smoking section was a curtain. I remember when you could check your bags for free. I remember when you could pick people up from the airport and meet them at their gate. There was nothing more exciting then coming off the pathway into the airport and searching for a family member or loved one, spotting them and catching their eye and the running to them for a warm embrace. Best moment ever. Flying seemed more magical. Now people yell at flight attendants and ticket counter workers, blaming them personally for delayed flights or lost baggage. Sour faces at the security lines, unhappy about having to take off your shoes or stand in a body scanner for 10 seconds.

As I head to NY for my great grandmothers funeral, to celebrate her 101 years of life, and with the holiday season I wonder what is truly important. Family. God. People. Love. It makes me want to shake the complainers and the fussers (knowing good and well that I’ve been one of them at least once) and ask, “in the scheme of life what is truly important? You leave an impact! Where is your kindness, your warmth towards your fellow man? Is your anger worth anything at all? Just love people. Approach a stranger with the resolve that they will be smiling when you leave them. Make every effort for the impact you leave to be a positive one. And above all enjoy life, laugh in the face of misfortune and take joy.”

And that all got way more passionate than I ever expected. Now back to reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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