The Photography Chronicles ~ 3

To be fair, since I posted such an adorable yet embarrassing photo of my husband in last week’s The Photography Chronicles ~ 2, I thought I should post an equally embarrassing childhood photo of myself. I have to admit it was really hard to find, I was adorable (HA). But here you have it, yes this is how my parents bathed me, in the dishwasher.

I kid, I kid. I guess this isn’t as embarrassing, but Bill I’ll find one I promise, and then you will have retribution.

A few memories I have from this photo.

-Photos used to have rounded corners, I miss that.
-I remember covering that floor with newer linoleum tile, its now wood.
-The switch on the cabinet was for the garbage disposal, I think we taped it down because it was really easy to hit the switch with your hip. I’m sure this was also precautionary because I was in fact bathed in the kitchen sink, not the dishwasher. I still have all my fingers, toes, hands, feet, and other extremities. Thank you to my parents for thinking ahead.
-I’m pretty sure we used the same tape to tape this photo in an album.

The end.

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