The Photography Chronicles ~ 2

This is my husband (he was playing model for some light readings I was doing for an upcoming baby shoot, secretly I think he really likes playing model).

AND…this is my husband at ohhhh age 7 (?) with one of the most fantastic mullets I’ve ever seen!

Now I realize, I was going to share MY memories in this Photography Chronicles section, but I really couldn’t help myself. I mean, this is fantastic. And technically I have a memory attached to this photo. When creating a slideshow of pictures of us when we were kids and while we were dating to show at our wedding, I asked my soon to be mother-in-law for some photos of Bill as a child. Among a few others I received this gem. To my darling mother-in-law thank you for getting him this hair cut. Bill I love you. Please don’t hate me for posting this, the world must know.

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