Quilt + Dominos + Friends = Really Good Day

On a recent Saturday my husband Bill, his friend Bradley, and myself went on an adventure to the almost the heart of Houston (if we’re going to use the anatomy metaphor I’d say it was more like the lung…) to St. Arnold Brewery. St. Arnold Brewery boasts as being Texas’ Oldest Craft Brewery, I’m not really sure what exactly that means but I guess its a good thing for them. The brewery consists of 17 people who really love what they do, and I have to e-high-five them for that! St. Arnold has a cult-like following here in the Houston area. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan but I do love this city and the really cool things it has to offer as well as the cool people (like those 17 folks over at St. Arnold) that make it what it is, sooo I’ve always wanted to check it out.

$7 will get you into the brewery and the tour, a souvenir glass, and four tastings, not a bad Saturday afternoon. You enter a very large, slightly loud room half filled with picnic tables. Our friend Bradley was smart enough to know that the tables fill up quick and that we should bring a blanket so I grabbed the quilt that a friend made us as a wedding gift. It was kind of nostalgic/awesome.

I had never played dominos but had inherited my grandmother’s set. Bradley taught Bill and I how to play the train…mexican train…I can’t remember. It was very fun though and I’d totally play again. So board games are highly recommended.

(Taken with my iPhone, please excuse the poor-ish quality)

Did I mention St. Arnold Brewery is kid friendly? They make the most awesome root beer ever (sorry A&W), and its free. You’re also welcome to bring food in. I highly suggest visiting, but remember to bring a blanket, board game or cards, $7 and friends or it won’t be nearly as fun.

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