Friday Flight~Vol.7

The Tamron 18-270mm

I’ve been needing a new lens. Yes needing. Something more versatile would greatly aid in my shooting. I’m extremely brand loyal to Canon. My loyalty level is right up there with my loyalty level to Apple, but most of the lenses I want start at $1000 and go up from there. Honestly, not in the budget at the moment. I saw a review recently over at the Made Blog and thought, “hmm, this might be an option”. Dana is not a photographer by trade, but she does have a great eye and a desire to learn. I moseyed on over to Digital Photography Review and though it didn’t score as high as other lenses, it wasn’t too shabby and they did recommend it. And at a price tag as low at $450 on some online sellers, you can’t beat that, especially for a range like 18-270mm.

So add the Tamron 10-270mm to the list of Friday Flights.

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