Friday Flight~Vol.6

Blog readers, meet the dyson DC25 Animal. Dyson DC25 Animal, please meet my blog readers. I never thought I’d ever lust after a vacuum cleaner. I still find it quite odd that any time I see a dyson in a store I feel the need to observe and touch it. My husband says I have expensive taste, and at $549.99 I’d say he’s right on that one. But I also have to consider that I really appreciate things that just work, have smooth design, and make my life easier. Seriously if you’ve never used one, you need to, it changes your life. Ok. Maybe not your life, but at least your perspective on what a vacuum should do.

In my first apartment a friend let us borrow his dyson to vacuum out our fireplace. That sucker (ha ha pun) had the power of a massive shop vac, it was amazing. And was our fireplace ever clean!

So on the list, dyson DC25 Animal. One day you will be mine, you will be mine.

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