A Costume Birthday

I love parties. They’re a ton of work and afterwards I’m always insanely exhausted, but I love them. My awesome husband turned 27 yesterday and that was a good reason for a party. We decided back in August…maybe July…that it should most definitely be a costume party.

I’m a huge fan of The Tom Kat Studio’s blog and she did this amazing black, green, and purple themed party design which became my inspiration for the evening. Bill and I debated for a few months about what to be for the party. We decided that he would be Zeus and I would be Zeus’s wife Hera which meant Togas, which is awesome. The menu was Taco soup with an array of toppings, queso, tex-mex salsa, mini caramel apples, and our good friend Stacy made Bill’s favorite german chocolate cake.

Mom came over to help with the food. My day started at 5am and I cleaned, went shopping, picked up the cake, made food, cleaned more, decorated, wrapped my husband in a toga, wrapped myself in a toga and then partied.

I made the wall flowers based on a tutorial over at the Made blog. She’s a new blogger who I’m following, awesome tutorials and she sews which has inspired me to break out my sewing machine (mom and I made pillows!).

I had the idea for mini caramel apples without knowing if mini apples even exist. They do, in fact! The table cloth was just some material I picked up from Hobby Lobby for a few bucks a yard.

Good Eats, Sweet Treats; there was a mix on the table. Taco soup was the main food, it consists of ground turkey, a whole lot of beans and a few other things. Its insanely easy to make and very inexpensive. I should post that recipe…maybe. :) You can doctor it up with all kinds of toppings. I like fritos, cheese, green onions and a dollop of sour cream. There were jalepenos, and corn and bean salsa, tortilla chips, and chile con queso as well.

Here’s Bill’s cake made by the AWESOME Stacy! I designed it and she brought my design to life in cake. She’s so talented. The spider was to go with the costume/halloween theme. It says Happy Birthday in his web, all Charolette’s Web style. His birthday hat matches the colors, and on his back…

…is the Philadelphia Phillies logo. :) Everyone’s costumes were SO awesome.

Bella and Edward Cullen showed up. (Bella…aka…Kristen is actually pregnant, and their last name is really Cullen, very appropriate!)

Brian and his wife Cherb came as his parents, which is way more funny than any of my readers will be able to appreciate.

Antoine Dodson showed up as well. If you don’t get this reference you need to check out this guy here, then someone remade the video into a song here. He’s now been in People Magazine and I’ve heard he’s gotten some TV/Movie offers or something.

My Step-Dad (on the left) and Mom (on the right) came as hippies, but gender’s reversed. Mad props to my Step-Dad for wearing a skirt and a bra stuffed with socks. Very impressive. :)

Here’s me and the birthday boy! I made his head wreath thing with a head band and glittery holly leaves from a Christmas floral pick from hobby lobby. I’d say we looked pretty awesome! Many more people came in costumes but I didn’t get pictures of everyone. We had a blast!

I wasn’t sure where to put the candles (the top layer was a “plate” of white chocolate), so this is what we did.

Happy Birthday to the best husband ever! I love you!!

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