I Love the Astros and I Always Will

I am not a fair weather fan.

Not in the slightest.

I L. O. V. E. the game of baseball. To those who claim its slow, PSHHH to you. Its called enjoyable. Relax a little. And to those who say football is better. You must be kidding. Baseball is America’s favorite pasttime (or at least it was). Remember that song, “Take me out to the ball game…” peanuts, cracker jacks…come on you have to love that stuff. Unless you have a peanut allergy. In which case you should get a pretzel.

Last week my husband (a die hard Phillies fan) and I were in Philadelphia visiting his family. The Astros happened to be playing the Phillies in a four game series. Did we go? Of course. His pop scored club level seats for the four of us (number four would be Bill’s mom). And yes I dressed completely in Astros’ gear from head to toe.

I am brave, I am loud, I am Astros fan.

If you know anything about Philadelphia, you know that the liberty bell lives there and Philadelphia fans are crazy. They once booed and threw snowballs at a man dressed like santa at a Eagles game. I was at a Phillies/Orioles game last season and the Orioles’ mascot came out onto the field, people threw full beer bottles at him from the third deck! If their teams aren’t playing well, they will boo them. Needless to say, I was a smidge frightened.

I was one Astros fan among 45,000 Phillies fans.

And the Astros were winning, you can see the fans in the back ground, staring me down in anger.

There is also nothing more just…odd than being the only one cheering for a team in a place that large and with that many people. Seriously, I was alone. Phil’s games had been sold out for weeks, and lets face it there aren’t many people who aren’t from Houston and love the Astros.

We tried really hard to get on the mega TV, we even made a sign that said “House Divided”. But the camera man refused to film me because I had too many Astros logos on. In retrospect it was probably for my own protection.

The next inning the security guy, who I’d been playfully bantering back and forth with came down and said, “Do you know who the Astros’ GM is?” I said, “Yeah, Ed Wade, your old GM.” He says, “Well he wanted me to give you this.” Apparently Ed Wade’s box wasn’t too far from where we were sitting and he’d heard me yelling and screaming for the Astros all night. He’d also seen what went down with the camera man. So he gave me this Astros commemorative coin. I looked up towards his box, he waved at me, I waved back and said thank you.

Sorry this is such a horrid photo, I took it with my iphone the day of the game.

So thats my story, it was basically one of my favorite Astros’ fan moments. More photos of the game are below. I’ll also be posting some more about the Philly trip. Photos from the Museum of Fine Art, etc. <3

The kid without the hat caught a foul ball that may have hit me in the face if he hadn’t. Though had he not caught it, I would have. Either way my face was safe.

The club level of the Phil’s stadium has really cool memorabilia in it. With every model anything that we find, we like to imagine its a tiny world and that Bill is a giant.

That ball is hit friends.

Sit amazed at the pitching arm.

I should also note that the Astros, after 16 innings, won this game, as well as all four games of the series. I like to think that I had a hand in that win. :)

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