My Husband will be a Texan Yet

Bill at Buccee’s (a Texas Tradition), it was his first time. If I haven’t mentioned before my husband is from Philadelphia so all this Texas stuff is really foreign and kinds scary to him. I think he’s adapting well. I think he could have stayed all day at the Alamo.

I haven’t ridden roller coasters since high school, and its still my favorite. However there is this other issue…I hate lines. They don’t so much make me angry, its just hot and the lines are long and you’re just waiting. So I let everyone know my plan.

1. Ride as many roller coasters as I could before my patience for lines ran out (I figured this would happen at about lunch time).

2. Eat Lunch

3. Enter the water park, find a tube, and float around the Lazy River until it was time to leave.

Three very awesome students joined me on my adventure. And I think we had by far the best adventure of anyone there.

I was also chased by a bee, which involved me spinning in circles for a while and then running like a crazy person. Yes, there is video footage of this, and yes a lovely student of ours put it on YouTube, and no I’m not telling you where it is. You’ll just have to find it yourself. So ha.

I rode this, very awesome.

I did not ride this.

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