A Trot Down Memory Lane

This post is going to be a little jumbled, so I apologize ahead of time.

I was watching old videos from college on YouTube, which lead me to finding an old junior high friend’s YouTube. Even though he was all grown up he still had the same expressions. It was odd and it got me thinking about old times, and how I’m like, for real, an adult.

I miss college. I loved dorm life. I loved college life. I feel like it all went way too fast.

I am happy with this new stage in life, its definitely totally different than any other stage. This adult, married, home ownership stage.

…Enter the rabbit trail…

Somehow, through all this I ended up on one of my favorite blogs The Wedding Chicks. I have to take their blog in doses because the things posted there make me so exorbitantly happy that if I looked at it on a regular basis I very well might explode. There is a richness to everything they post. Every wedding they post makes me want to get married all over again, not because I’d change one thing about my wedding day, but I just want another excuse to throw that awesome/put together/design-ed-ly sound/visually rich party. This one makes my heart melt. Sigh. I want to plan a party.

So this got me to thinking about my own wedding all almost 1.5 years ago. So here’s a couple pictures for you, some of my (and my husband’s) favorite things. (Photography provided by my dear friend Brenda Horan, check her out, she’s fantastic, especially if you have a new baby, whew she’s incredible)

This is Bill’s favorite group shot of the wedding. I’m a big fan as well. You know I think this is the first picture of myself on this blog (if you couldn’t figure it out, I’m the one in the big white dress).

Lady Bug’s Floral on the north side of Tulsa, OK rocks my floral world. She did exactly what I asked for, and cheap too ($250 for everything). I picked out ever flower in this bouquet. The single orange protea is an ode to my missions trip to South Africa (they grow wild there), I left part of my heart in that country.

My one splurge (the whole wedding cost us $5,000, and we paid cash, Dave Ramsey would be so proud), the photobooth, which I had given up on until about 3 days before the wedding. Brenda met Ryan Smart at a camera store a few days before my wedding. Ryan, among other things, rents photo booths. Did I mention he has the best rate in the city? It was my childhood dream to have a photo booth at my wedding (I still want one in my house) and he made that happen.

Yeah, I’m a photographer, of course I had my own personal mini photo shoot in the hotel room. What else would you expect?

Other than the whole marriage thing, the best part of that day was having all my closest friends and family there. And the photo booth. I think there’s about 13 or so people in there.

So that’s it, thanks for taking that little rabbit trail down memory lane with me. You all, you rock.

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  1. Cristi August 14, 2010 at 12:44 am #

    That is so cool that you had a photobooth at your own wedding. I bet your wedding guests had a ball with that. I know I would have. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful. You looked amazing.

    I’m really loving my camera. I’m definitely going to have to take you up on the q&a though. :o) I would love for you to do some tutorial posts if you get a chance. That would be soooo helpful. xo, Cristi

  2. Joanne December 15, 2010 at 7:39 pm #