Forbidden Photography Adventure: Remember the Alamo

This passed weekend we took about 20 or so 13-18 year olds on an overnight trip to San Antonio, Texas and Six Flags. So fun. It amazed me how many of these students had never been to the Alamo, so we gave em a little ed-ju-cay-shon on their Texas heritage.

Meet The Alamo. Its kind of striking how small it is. You turn the corner and then, there it is.

After entering this Alamo (the actual building, not the garden area around it) like any self respecting photographer I had my camera out, holding it close to my heart. This old man in a red sport coat, I assume he was a guard said, “NO PICTURES!” I said, “You mean no pictures with a flash, right?” He said, “NO PICTURES!” So I left.

Now, let me tell you, never tell a photographer that they can’t take pictures. Its like challenging them. We turn into one of those crazy bulls with their male bull parts all in a bind and you telling us we can’t take photos is like walking around with that big flashy red cape, taunting us. That man in his red blazer, yeah, he was that person.

Out side I thought hard about what the light readings might be in there. It was kinda dark and I needed the shutter to be fast enough to be able to sneak shots while holding the camera at my hip and while moving. I didn’t white balance, which looking back I should have at least tried. But I think I hit it right on, or at least pretty close. (Above photo of my feet is in the Alamo.)

So ha man in the red coat. I got to capture part of my states history from my perspective.

And this made me chuckle.

Meet Sarah, meet Sarah’s fanny pack. Yeah she’s awesome. (Also awesome that she was my partner in Forbidden Photography Adventure: Remember The Alamo.)

More from Six Flags to come.

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  1. elissa August 1, 2010 at 2:55 am #

    I like when you update your blog :)
    And I like the shot third from the bottom!
    And I hate when people tell you not to take photos… why is it an issue? So lame. Good workaround, Christina. :)

    • diliberto August 2, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

      Thanks Elissa, it’s good to know that people are reading it.

  2. dkzody August 1, 2010 at 11:22 pm #

    good for you…I’m like you, what do you mean no photographs? What’s the big secret? Did they forget the Alamo happened a long time ago, and they lost. Get over it.