Bill’s Sleeptalking

Poor poor Phyllis is sick. She’s at the doctor, basically her brain died, but the can heal her. New brain. Thank God for my OCD nature and making backups. (Phyllis is my mac book pro.)

That said I’m using the WordPress iPhone app to update. Different, but it works.

Now back to Bill. Basically he talks and does things in his sleep. Sometimes it’s funny but it usually always involves waking me up which is less than pleasant. Within a few days I usually forget what he said or did, so I’m starting this category. Its
Mostly to help keep a record but a side effect is you get to read the hilarious moments we share when my husbands subconcious mannifests in word and action.

Last Night:

I remember him yelling at Sam, then he leaned over me to wake me up and ask
Me what she was doing. He was yelling, “no, Sam go back to your bed!” then he said, while shaking me to wake me up, “she’s eating that pillow!!” there is a silk down throw pillow that she likes to smell, I’m sure this is hat he was referring to. I, still not realizing that he’s sleep talking frantically sit up and reach down to the floor where I know the pillow is. I feel no Sam dog, the pillow is not torn to bits but is resting there perfectly fine. This is the point in these happenings where anger sets in. I wake him up, he tiredly appologizes.

I say, “you should probably rub my back until I fall asleep again.”

Bill: “is this punishment for waking you up?”

Me: “sure, if you want to think of it that way.”

The end.

I was going to post a completely unrelated yet cool photo but I don’t think I an do that on wordpress for iPhone. They should add that.

Oh wait.

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