Please Toe Nail Don’t Fall Off

My birthdays, on the average, are synonymous with bad events. Usually there are high lights to the birthday week, but more often than not something super crappy happens that kind of brings down the overall celebratory mood. For times sake I will list both highlights and low lights in bullet form.

Highlight #1: I was born 25 years ago.

Lowlight #1: I’m half way to 50.

Highlight #2: I went out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, La Vista, with my family on the day of my birthday. (excuse the low res pic, I forgot my camera, gasp I know, and was forced to use the iphone pic).

Lowlight #2: I had to work on my birthday. I realize most people have to work on their birthdays, but I am a strong believer that no one should. And if I ever do own my own company each of my employees will get off on their birthday, with pay. Agreed? Good.

Highlight #3: My husband knows me so well that be bought me all of my favorite coffee branded things, plus a Martha Stewart magazine (I have a weird obsession with her, not unhealthy, just odd).

Lowlight #3: See lowlight #4, it counts for two.

Highlight #4: My dad washed my car, changed the oil, sand blasted my headlights, and made my air conditioning blow cold. He is truly the best dad ever. (Side note, he can work on your car too, see Royalty Paint and Body).

Lowlight #4: I got laid off. Yeah. Awesome huh. Via email too.

Highlight #5: My new found lack of employment gave me a chance to clean my house, unpack things, and cross things off my every growing to do list.

Lowlight #5: While shopping for the Quarter Century Bash Party we had this weekend (a joint birthday party for me and our new house, we’re the same age) I bashed my pinkie toe into the wheel of a walmart cart which caused blood to fill my flip flop and I’m pretty sure that toe nail is going to fall off.

Highlight #6: The Quarter Century Bash was AWESOME! I feel incredibly loved by the 50+ people who attended. I got to make awesome food for them (this makes my heart really happy). My husband had a birthday cake made for me (I usually make my own, I’m told I am forbidden to do this from now on) by the amazingly talented Stacy from Stacy’s For the Love of Cake. And everyone seemed to have a good time.

Lowlight #6: Sam (the black lab) got lots of “treats” from my husband and I, and I’m sure from many party goers. The next day there were three large puddles of liquid poo on the one piece of carpet she has access to in the house. I think it was the brisket scraps that did her in.

Overall I’d say 25 was a success. I mean yeah, I lost my job, but its just a job. My dog got sick and pooped on the floor, but I hate carpet anyway so no biggie. And luckly, unlike most things on the human body, toe nails grow back. The highlights much out way the low lights. I have such amazing friends and family in my life that constantly bless me simply with their existence. I hope the next 25 years are equally as awesome.

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