Friday Flight~Vol.5

The Office. Not the show. The place where I work. Though the show is quite awesome and I would really love a general “office” sign for my door. Anyways.

Its the first room I’ve really focused on in the house. I have a general idea of what I want in the other rooms as far as color schemes go:

Living Room: Grey, Black, White, Splashes of Yellow (possible tiny splash of turquoise as well, though I haven’t committed to the idea)

Kitchen/Dining: Black, White, Lime Green (LOVE IT)

Master Bedroom: Shades of Brown, Cream, and Olive

Master Bath: Undecided

Spare Bath: Chocolate Brown, Blue-Green

Spare Room: Chocolate Brown, Blue (mostly because I have all this stuff left over from college)

Back Patio: Eventually Blacks, Browns and Burnt Orange

Office: White, Martha Stewart’s Ash Bark for walls, With Accent Wall of Martha Stewart’s Feldspar (color accents in this as well).

Feldspar looks more blue green in real life.

I had a white drafting table already so I purchased these two things from ikea

Sorry the picture of the table is so lame, they didn’t have a picture on their site of it all put together. Any who, the table matches up perfectly with my drafting table giving me an entire wall of table top work space. Plus it all sits in front of a window which will eventually be flanked by Feldspar colored fabric covered cork boards. The book case is on the wall to the right with a small filing cabinet. On the left wall will be a giant 8′ or 10′ by 6′ dry erase board (yeah I’m pretty into them).

Now, the wall across from the desks, also where the door to enter the room is, needs a couch. I’m being very picky about said couch because I’d love for this space to double as a second guest bedroom if need be. So a normal couch just won’t do, a sleeper sofa it is. I’ve been searching and searching for one that I like and will fit in the budget. So I found this one from CB2, fantastic, not really budget friendly.

At over $1,000 after taxes and shipping my husband would have a heart attack and I think so would I. I look at $1,000 and go, thats a new computer (well a macbook) or a new lens, or some nice soft box lights. Not a couch for guests! (sorry to any future guests, its not that I don’t care, it’s just that’s a whole lot of money, I think you would want me to spend it smarter).

So I looked at my beloved Target, no such luck. And then I remembered my friend Bethia got a similar couch at Walmart and thats when I found this:

Smooth, fake leather, sexy, sleek, not the same couch as my friend but for a very very sweet $149 who can complain. The reviews all looked fantastic and just like the CB2 couch it lays flat, reclines, or upright. Nice. But then…I saw this…

I have a soft spot for 60’s-ish design. This couch sings to me. Also fake leather, extremely more sexy than the black couch, goes with the decor, will sit against the Feldspar wall (thanks Martha, you’re awesome). I might be in love with this couch. Oh, and did I mention its $249? Oh with free site to store shipping? Why thank you Wal-Mart, I think I will.

With that said the Bella Convertible Futon in White will be mine shortly. Future guests, prepare yourself for this beauty.

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  1. charm home May 27, 2010 at 2:42 am #

    I really like what you have so far. I can’t wait to see before and after pictures. You are planning on posting some right? That sofa is very cool. Good for you for finding one within your price range. I love the idea of black, white and yellow with pops of turquoise. Those colors are very “in” right now and having a black and white palette means that when the yellow and turquoise go out you can bring the next colors in without much effort.

    It’s looking good. xo, Cristi