Friday Flights~Vol 4

I know I’ve missed a few Fridays, but this one is kinda different. Its not particularly on the list, but its something I want for others. I Want A New Marriage. Not for me, not that my marriage is all butterflies and rainbows but we’ve got it somewhat together. Its just lately, I’ve been over come with grief for the large number of close friends who have come to me about separations from their significant others. I’m in shock honestly. And my heart aches for them.

These are amazing people, and I’m just shocked (I know I said this already, but I’m so shocked I had to say it twice for emphasis). Coming from divorced parents I hate the thing, luckily my parents are good friends, and their significant others are good friends, and I got two brothers out of the deal and an amazing step father I wouldn’t trade for anything. Plus my dad’s girlfriend is pretty awesome too. Even with all these things, it still sucks that my parents couldn’t make it work. I don’t often think, “what if?” because I do have all those amazing by products of my parents’ divorce, but when I do the thing I think most is “what if someone could have helped them.”  Which brings me to my next point, a shameless (no sarcasm there, seriously) plug for a little series called, I Want A New Marriage.

My church (please non church goers, don’t get lost at the word church, keep reading) is beginning a series on marriage on May 9th. I know, I said the big “C” word, but really, I think, “is your marriage worth saving?” I’m not claiming that this series will save your marriage, but I’d like to think that you may learn something, even if its one thing, that may help your marriage. We can all learn right? And I promise Jesus will not be thrown down your throat, scouts honor. Below are the topics.

May 9 Marriage Myths & Misconceptions
May 16 His Needs / Her Needs
May 23 Doing Conflict Right!
May 30 Better Sex…Way Better!
June 6 Affair-Proofing Your Marriage (Guest Ted & Gayle Haggard)
June 13 Renewing Your Vows

You’re welcome to come hear the series live on Sundays at 10am at Schindewolf Intermediate School in Spring, Texas, we have free coffee and donuts! =) But if you’re not in the Houston area, or if you kinda get a little freaked out by the idea of stepping foot in a church (technically you wouldn’t be, seeing as how we meet in a school *insert sneaky smile*) just listen to the podcast online from the comfort of your own home, car, or office. You can listen to them at, which gets updated faster than on iTunes.

I must also note that I had the privilege of helping with the graphics for this series, not my ideas but I’ve helped adapt them to other things. Much love for awesome church graphics. High five.

But seriously, listen to the series.

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