Friday Flight ~ Vol. 3

I didn’t post at all this week! Gosh I’m lame.

So I have to tell you about the wonders of Kinder Eggs. They are just about my favorite thing in the entire world. Imagine an egged shaped chocolaty goodness, a thin layer of milk chocolate surrounding a thin layer of white chocolate. You break open the egg and inside is a colorful pod. Inside the pod is a toy. A TOY! One which you have to put together and sometimes add stickers. Its basically the most fantastic thing ever, and I don’t like chocolate (I make Bill eat the chocolate). A toy, inside a pod, inside a chocolate egg. Dang.

They weren’t on the list until last weekend when I went to Nundini and couldn’t find any. Nundini is my Italian imports place, talked about it in a few posts before, also the only place I knew of to purchase them. The awesome guy at Nundini proceeded to tell me that our fantastic government has outlawed by beloved Kinder Eggs!!! WHAT!?! Are you serious US Government? You outlawed a toy inside a pod inside chocolate? There wasn’t anything better for you to be doing? Why would you outlaw something so wonderful? What the heck!

I never thought I would seriously consider trying to smuggle something into my country. Sadly the one thing I would consider smuggling is a toy inside a pod inside an egg, my beloved Kinder Egg. A piece of me died last week. No longer will I be able to add to my collection of awesome Kinder Egg toys. No longer will I be able to force my husband to eat all the chocolate. No longer will I experience the joy of opening that pod and discovering what toy I had received, birthed from an egg of chocolate. Its a sad day and I felt like I should share it. Above & below are pictures from the day my husband proposed to me. Just a few hours before the proposal we went to Nundini for Kinder Eggs. =(

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