Bits O’ Weekend ~ two

This was a BUSY weekend for sure. But we had a really good time. Started off with hanging out with my family going to get ice cream at Cold Stone.

Christine is my dad’s girlfriend, she’s here with her daughter Brittany who was in town for easter break (she goes to college!). Bill was almost euphoric about his ice cream flavor, strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips.

I am my father’s daughter, chocolate ice cream with raspberries, usually my absolute favorite, but I ordered before him and forgot about the availablity of raspberries and ended up getting the complete opposite of my husband: dark chocolate ice cream with strawberries. Equally delicious, clearly.

I also picked up a copy of The Houston Press, which I love almost as much as I loved Urban Tulsa when I lived there. I read an article about the plans for the astrodome, pretty sure the whole thing was an april fools joke. Well done though Houston Press, kudos.

Went to Harry Sheppard’s 82nd Birthday Party, thats him in the back ground playing the vibes, which is essentially an electric xylophone. He’s practically amazing, kind of like a grandpa to me. He looks not a day over 65. He’s played with all the greats in jazz.

Welcome to The Hunt, my church Northwood in Spring, Tx put on this giant easter egg hunt/festival/thing. So far the count is 3,500 attendees. The whole thing was put together by church staff and volunteers as appreciation of the community. That day I just looked around in awe and wonder at the mass of people and the quality of human beings that made up the staff of this event. Above is Josh, who was the easter bunny, here he is minus the bunny body.

That would be yours truly, don’t be jealous.

That’s my husband spreading the easter eggs, all 50,000 of them. I got this odd sensation where I wanted to just jump in the piles and roll around. Maybe it was due to those ball play lands, some deep childhood connection? I refrained.

They were very pretty. People went back and spread them out with giant plastic rakes. It was fun to watch. After this I spent the next two hours painting children’s faces. I have no idea what else went on, except for what people have told me, I didn’t look up from children’s faces and the paint the whole time. Crazy, but hecka awesome.

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