Astros v Phillies

I must first start out by saying that yes I realize the Astros are currently 3-9. I also am aware that they are in last place in our division. I know we’ve never won a world series, and we’re not what you’d call a overall popular team. But we did go to the world series once. And we’re not worst in baseball right now (sorry Baltimore), and we did just win our first series of the season against the Cubs who are third in our division. And you could probably tell, I’m pretty die hard. I love the game, and especially this team. As I mentioned Before, Bill and I got awesome tickets (1oth row behind the Astros’ dugout) from my dad for the third game in a series against the Phillies. And it was AWESOME.

I must also note that as much of an Astros fan as I am with my signed memorabilia, original throwback sweatshirt, etc., my husband is equally if not more so a Phillies fan. So this was a pretty big game for us.

I’d also like to note that historically, even though statistically the Phillies are more often than not a better team (I reiterate, statistically) than the Astros, we usually beat them, at home or away. This year was not the case. The Sunday game was a very thrilling and exciting battle of the Roys (Oswalt and Halladay) and it was incredible.

Game day is not complete without a ball park hot dog (used to be called Dome Dogs when the ‘Stros played in the AstroDome).

Bill got the ball he stole from the batting practice area in the Phillies Park (we did a tour last summer) signed by some of the Phillies players.

I <3 this picture to no end. Bill’s favorite player is Chase Utley, not that you can tell in this tiny version, but Utley is up to bat.

Pretty much the best thing ever.

Like I said my dad (also an Astros fan) got us the tickets, he and his girlfriend Christine came too! I think I have a picture of my dad and I like this from every game we’ve been to together.

I wish I could throw with that kind of power.

This is Drayton McLane, Jr. the owner of the Astros (if you wiki him there is a picture of him with the gentleman in the photo below from this very game.) I would really like Mr. McLane to fire our GM.

Yes, thats President Bush (H.W.). He lives here in Houston and frequents the Astros and Rockets games. I SO wish I could have gotten a picture with him, but there was quite a crowd.

This guy was parked next to us when we left the game. He really should clean his truck.

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