Pollen & Philly Cheese Steaks

This is the time of year where my sinuses start going crazy, at least they have for the last two years. I blame the massive amounts of pollen seen in the pic to the right. Yup, all that yellow, thats pollen. And all that yellow powder is making me feel like I’m walking around with a cinder block on my face. Below the lovely pollen is my dog Sam. I have a really hard time taking pictures of her, I think its mostly because she’s shiny and black, lighting her is a pain. This one is ok. Then, happy St. Patty’s Day, a little late, because I fail at updating daily. I promise I’ll do better from now on.

Tonight Bill made dinner. Bill is an amazing husband and does a lot of great things for me. Rarely does he cook dinner. Its more the thing I do. He makes a mean hot dog, and some fantastic tater tots, and I hear he can make scrambled eggs though I have yet to see it happen. But tonight I was really impressed. He made Philly Cheese Steaks from scratch. When he threw that meat down on that hot griddle he morphed into this super Philly Cheese Steak Chef. He melted the cheese right on the meat, then he did this crazy flip the meat, onions, and cheese all in one move right into the bun. I tried to catch it in action. It was quite a show, but…they were also DELICIOUS! I think he approved, see his face after the first bite.

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