I Am Truly Terrible at Blogging

I shouldn’t be this bad at this. Heck I sort of do it for a living. I basically had the best day ever at work today. I must explain.

My office is in a very very old house, with giant windows, the old kind that rattle in windy storms, where the glass looks like its melting. I recently was told that glass is in a constant state of motion, thus why these old windows look melty. Totally off subject, but interesting none the less.

Anways, I hear some craziness coming from outside one of the windows, near the corner of the building, then the lights flicker, then a louder noise. In my head I envision an angry squirrel getting caught in the air conditioning unit (which sits just outside that window) blowing the power, charred squirrel body all entangled in the fan blades. I peak out the window with my office mate, and hark, it is a man, not a charred squirrel (insert slight disappointment, and a bit of peaked interest).

My office mate , we’re totally alone in the office by the way, runs to the front door, yells, “um, hello?” to the man, he says, “call your electric company, you haven’t paid your bill and I’m just here to shut off your electric”. She says, “are you serious?!” And the man, quite matter-of-factly says, “yes I am” and walks off quickly.

In defense of the company I work for we’ve been looking for a new accountant, our’s left to spend more time with her family, in the mean time some bills, so it seems, have slipped through the cracks.

So, my boss declares that since my office mate and I can not truly get any real work done that we should go shopping on the clock, and then meet him for lunch at La Madeline, his treat.


By the time we were done with our shopping trip (we went to Charming Charlies, I got a necklace and some hecka cute headbands) and lunch the electric was back on and we were back to work. Much needed break, and a way cool story for the blog. Well worth waiting all week for…right?

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