Friday Flight

Friday |ˈfrīdā|noun: the day of the week before Saturday and following Thursday

Flight |flīt|noun: 1 the action of fleeing or attempting to escape
2 an extravagant or far-fetched idea or account
3 the tail of a dart.

Ok, so the last definition of flight doesn’t really apply. I’m starting a Friday post, thing, called Friday Flight. So, I have this list of things that I’d one day like to own. Some of them are rather practical like many different colored argyle socks. Others are a little more far fetched like a smart car. I love this list, not just because its a glorified wish list but it gives me goals to work towards. An iPhone was on that list once, I ended up getting one for free! So it works.

In Friday Flight I want to share with you one of the items on my list. Some of the things are very off the wall, but I hope you like them.

Today’s Friday Flight: Smart Car

I liked that it said Customization Complete, so I left that in the screen shot. I upgraded to the better sound system and automatic windows (my 240 volvo has manual windows, definitely a worth while upgrade). I’m not sure why I’m so into the Smart Car. Its small which I guess makes it cute. It gets 33/41 MPG which is pretty good, especially because I drive about 32 miles to work every day, all highway. I don’t know if its something I’ll ever actually own, but if anyone feels the urge to buy me one, I’d gladly accept. =)

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