Bits of my weekend

Thank you Six in the City I love this concept.

Trip to Ethan Allen on Post Oak and Westhimer:
-Wondering if I should carry the green in my dining/kitchen into the living room.
-Gray chair is not done justice by this photo.
-Bill tests the Everything Couch.

Trip to The Container Store on Post Oak and Westhimer (not pictured):
-Won a $25 gift card (WOO HOO).
-Planned out my dream closet and new laundry area.

Trip to La Madeline:
-Trying to figure out everything in their pasta salad so I can make it at home.
-Bill was a La Madeline virgin, he loved his Chicken Parisian.

Trip to Nundini, Italian Imports and Market:
-Take this NYC Little Italy, you got nothing on Nundini in Houston.
-Amaretti cookies will always remind me of my great grandmother.
-BEST prices on cheeses, meats, olives, and sun dried tomatoes EVER.
-LOVE the pic of Bill with the :-O face above him…heh heh heh.

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